Not Sure Whether You Need Glasses?

  1. Difficulty seeing at night: If your night vision is fading you may be experiencing signs of early cataracts. Your eyes should be examined as soon as possible.
  2. Eye strain or fatigue: Eye fatigue results from blurry vision or when you regularly squint or blink to bring items into focus. Take regular breaks or change the lighting to reduce glare. If the fatigue persists, see your optometrist.
  3. Frequent headaches: Sometimes the mechanism that helps the cornea and lens
    focus on images fails, and the small muscles in the eye are forced to work harder. The result is eye strain, which can lead to headaches.
  4. Seeing halos: If you see halos around objects, and you are not in church, it may signal developing cataracts or night vision problems. These halos are usually more pronounced in the dark and surround objects.
  5. Eye pressure: If you feel pressure within the eye, it may be a sign of developing glaucoma. No need to panic, though, because it’s highly treatable. Pressure build up can damage the optic nerve that transmits images to your brain, but not everyone who experiences eye pressure has glaucoma. Still, you should get it checked.

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