After your vision screening is complete the Optometrist will hand you over to our Dispenser, who will assist you in selecting the most appropriate frames and lenses for your vision, lifestyle, and personal style.

We stock a wide selection of frames for men, women and children, to suit all tastes and budgets. Across the world the trend has shifted towards acetate (plastic) frames, often in a variety of distinct colours, and the Caribbean is no different. Our stores feature a dazzling array of blues, reds, pinks and purples, alongside more conservative blacks and browns, and traditional metal frames in black, gold or silver. Choose from thick frames that stand out on the face, often with decorative accents on the temples, or from thinner, less obtrusive frames, and even those without rims altogether.

In much the same way as it has become the norm to have footwear, bags and accessories for all occasions, it is not unusual for people to have more than one pair of glasses, and our Dispensers will help guide your selection based on the colour of your eyes, and the shape and size of your face.

Some of our most popular brands are Converse, Ralph, Pepe Jeans, Ted Baker, Jones New York, Lucky Brand, Ray-Ban, Emporio Armani, Vogue and the fabulous Toscana collection, which is available exclusively at Courts Optical.



The lenses you purchase will depend largely on your prescription (you may need single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses), but also on your lifestyle. Materials such as polycarbonate are stronger than traditional plastics and therefore more appropriate for children, or those that engage in sports. There are also a number of additional features that you may choose to include with your lenses. Photochromic lenses, such as the popular Transitions brand, darken when exposed to UV, protecting the eyes from the glare of the sun, and return to regular transparency inside. Anti-reflective coating increases the amount of light that passes through the lens to the eye, making using a computer or driving at night a much more comfortable experience, not to mention drawing more attention to your eyes in social settings!

For the ultimate experience in lens technology why not try our Clarity brand. Clarity lenses are made from a special material that is stronger, yet thinner and lighter than other lenses. The lenses are photochromic, and have anti-reflective treatment built in to the material, rather than applied as a coating. The UV protection is 400, compared to the standard 100, and the lenses are also hydrophobic and oleophobic, meaning they repel both water and grease. The Clarity brand also offers freeform lenses, the latest advancement in lens technology, which allows for a far greater accuracy in the manufacturing of lenses.